Business acumen and knowledge of practice operations are arguably as important a role as clinical skills in the modern era of practice ownership. DDS CFO is a course for dentists looking to understand practice affordability and maximize their capability in practice acquisition and operational growth. The course is taught twice a year over ten weeks and limited to 5 dentists only each session. 

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is about giving you the communication skills to get your patients and team to “yes” in a climate of “no”. Enhancement of patient engagement, treatment commitment, and follow through in an uncertain economy can create turbulence in practice. Without the skills to navigate this turbulence, practice production, value, workplace culture, and your career satisfaction are all threatened.  This weekend course is taught once per year and includes inspiring reading material from some of the world’s greatest masters in communication. This course will give you the resources and capability to see a return on investment before the end of your first workday back at your practice. To learn more, be added to the wait list, or to register, click here

If only it were as simple as walking out the door…Transitioning out of practice ownership requires your legacy and life’s work to be transferred with expertise and care. Selling your practice requires the right advisors, the right advice, and meticulous attention to detail to all the bricks you have added to your empire over years of work. Retiring With Grace is an “evergreen” (always available) course that teaches some of the most crucial considerations in planning your ownership exit. This has been written from years of experience supporting dentists leaving ownership, including Dr. Robertson’s personal journey. It’s the advice he wished he had when he hung up the handpiece. To learn more or purchase the on-demand course click here.