Practice Negotiator

Getting your patients to “yes” in a climate of “no”.

You are an exceptional clinician. You invest in yourself and in the care and clinical skill you offer your patients. Your practice provides a bespoke healthcare experience that is desperately needed in today’s state of healthcare. BUT…

  • Do all your patients return for follow up?
  • Do all your patients accept your treatment plan?
  • With an exceptional education, have you ever been given the communication skills to effectively deliver care to a unique patient?
  • Have you been supported with the knowledge, skills, and tools to manage difficult conversations with your team and patients?
  • Do people in today’s aggressive climate contribute to feelings of burn-out in practice?

What if you could spend less time “selling,” and more time treating through simple changes to your communication strategy?

What if you had a system of understanding your patient’s communication style and a strategy that was proven to increase patient acceptance and retention?

Your entire education was focused on WHAT you say and not HOW you say it. What you know only matters if it can influence the change the patient needs. This is more than about “meeting patients where they are at” and has everything to do with correctly reading the room and delivering your knowledge in a way that lands in a meaningful and motivating way for your patient.

Every type of patient deserves care, not just the ones that you “click” with. We’ll teach you how to connect with all types of patients. Even the ones you fear seeing your schedule. This will increase your impact, income, and professional satisfaction.

At Practice Advocate we, like you,

invest in the ability to operate and serve our clients at the highest calibre.

That investment has included in person education from some of the most brilliant minds in negotiation and human behaviour in the world. including former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss (author of Never Split The Difference) and Behaviour Economist Don Barden (author of The Perfect Plan). Whether it’s selling a commodity or service or proposing a treatment plan, the tenants of negotiation and patient communication are consistent. Without aptitude in specific communication strategies, your practice will simply not be what it could be.

Patients call your practice because they think you can help them with something. Yet they don’t all stay or follow through despite you holding up your end of the bargain.

What’s worth more – An existing patient that says “YES” to treatment or having to market to attract a new patient?

How would you feel if the confrontational patient no longer stole your energy?

What if the patients that called to book an appointment already felt a sense of belonging in your practice before they arrived?

What if you could change that?

How would things look if you increased your treatment acceptance by 20%?… 30%?… 50%?…

Strategies taught in this course will help prevent:


Wasted time

The wrong approach with a unique patient is an investment in time and energy that can yield no results. Disappointed patients and frustrated clinicians decrease productivity.

Wasted money

The average cost of marketing to acquire a new patient in Canadian dentistry is $350. That’s before adding the investment it takes for your admin team to book the patient, confirm the patient, and seat the patient in a six-figure operatory with a hygiene team member. Often, it can take three visits from a patient to experience profitability from a new patient. So how does it make you feel when the patient does not return for follow up? How do you manage the patient that asks for a discount?

Feeling frustrated or burnt out

The current climate of social media connectivity combined with economic pressures has seen an increase in confrontational and abusive behaviour directed at clinicians and office teams. This can distract from productive care and positive workplace culture. But it can’t be ignored. Managing this effectively is not something we get taught in professional school. To create a sustainable practice and understand who we can help and who we can’t is imperative to reduce frustration and protect ourselves and our teams from abusive behaviour.

How would your productivity and professional satisfaction be impacted if you had the clarity, confidence, and capability to turn uncertainty into certainty?

Increased treatment acceptance

Creating patient engagement and commitment to a plan requires your skill and communication. Once you have that, your brilliance as a clinician can then change their lives for the better. But without that engagement and commitment, your treatment plan falls short.

Stronger team communication and culture

Office conflict is inevitable. Navigating this to create a cohesive team that is capable of supporting each other and complimenting each others’ strengths will see your practice elevate to the next level. It will also contribute to employee retention in a time where great team members are hard to find.

Language to support new patient flow in your branding and marketing

Using the right approach to marketing your brand can contribute to patient connection and engagement even before they walk in the door. We’ll show you how.

Practice Negotiator

is a 3-day course taught once per year by Practice Advocate. The course is delivered virtually on a Thursday evening, full day Friday, and full day Saturday. The course is offered the 1st Thursday (evening) – Friday (daytime) – Saturday (daytime) in May.

One time payment of:


Included in your registration is:

  • Fourteen hours of scheduled lectures and discussion to up your confidence and capability as a clinical communicator.
  • A courseware workbook to support your learning.
  • A series of books written by some of the best authors in the world to support the material reviewed and your development as a clinical communicator.
  • A strengths assessment to support you in your role as a leader in your practice and enhance your team’s capability through knowledge of your mutual strengths and blind spots.
  • A continuing education certificate for 14 hours for your records and CE portfolio.

Module 1

Communication & Values: “He’s not your type."

  • You will learn to understand and identify the different types of communication styles of your patients.
  • You will learn to understand and identify different types of values and their influence on treatment.
  • You will learn how communication tendencies and values influence patient decision making.
  • You will learn effective communication strategies based on the patient’s communication style and values.
  • You will learn how to apply these communication strategies to enhance delivery of care in your practice.

Module 2

Applying Empathy: “That sounds...really hard.”

  • The importance and influence of empathy in practice in an unempathetic world.
  • Getting deeper than the chief complaint – finding the true motivation behind the appointment.
  • Effective strategies to build rapport and identify barriers to treatment success before delivering a treatment plan.
  • Diffusing patient conflict and demonstrating how conflict can actually be productive (even if we are conflict adverse).

Module 3

Brand: “The best supporting actor.”

  • Does your brand effectively communicate your unique value proposition to prospective patients?
  • Does your brand convince a prospective patient as to why they should drive past other offices to get to yours?
  • Is your new patient flow what you want it to be?
  • Is your practice effective at retaining patients for comprehensive care and future recalls?
  • Do you know who your ideal patient is and is your marketing aligned to find this patient?

Module 4

Team: “Vulnerability as a strength.”

  • Are the right people in the right position in your practice?
  • Do their skills reflect their strengths and abilities?
  • Are the tasks asked of them communicated with clarity
  • Do they understand and share YOUR VISION of the clinic?
  • You will learn effective strategies to motivate and align your team to maximize productivity, enhance culture, and deliver better patient care.
  • You will be given a strength-finding assessment to identify your strengths and blind spots that will make you a better leader and practice CEO.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the course be recorded?

This course is an experience. The sessions will not be recorded and participants are expected to attend all days to get the most out of the investment. If you can’t make the course live, we’d suggest waiting for another scheduled opportunity.

What if I’m conflict averse? Will I still benefit?

Even the most gentle, shy, and conflict avoiding practitioner will benefit from this course. The tools we give you meet you where you are at with your communication style to help develop the tools that allow you to grow as a communicator and achieve results.

This sounds like manipulation.

There is a profound difference between seeking a result that benefits one party at the detriment of the other and creating a dynamic that empowers maximum sharing of information, listening, and honest trust. We are not interested in teaching or encouraging manipulation. Practice Negotiator is about enhancing your listening skills to ensure the treatment options you know to be best for a patient are presented in such a way that the patient can truly hear. But how can a truly autonomous decision be made by a patient when the information is not presented in a way the patient can understand?

What if I’m already amazing at this?

Then keep doing what you’re doing! We firmly believe that every clinician has the capability to further develop their communication and leadership skills with patients and team members. But if you feel that you’re “batting 1,000”, congratulations! You don’t need the course.