Retiring with Grace

You deserve to maximize your


You deserve the opportunity to choose how you sell your practice. If you are considering “hanging up the handpiece” or transitioning out of ownership, there are some barriers and villains that can interfere with maximizing your result.

These potential pitfalls are far too common and contribute to deflated value and compromised results.

This course is for you.

This evergreen course has been developed by Dr. Sean Robertson after years of supporting colleagues with their practice valuation, transition, and attainment of vision beyond ownership.

If you are considering selling your practice in the next 5 years, have a lease being renewed in the next 5 years, or wish to ensure potential skeletons in the closet that can diminish your net worth are managed effectively, this course is for you.

Much like learning the business of dentistry alone, too many dentists learn how to sell their practices alone. This trial-and-error learning is ineffective, inefficient, expensive and often entirely avoidable.

Let’s make sure you do it smarter than most.

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