At Practice Advocate, we believe dentists can sell their practices without paying commission on their legacy.

What your Colleagues are Saying

“Dr. Sean was an invaluable guiding voice and analyst in my first venture into practice ownership. He quickly and efficiently gathered information in a practice valuation and broke down all the key points and factors. I had further questions and ideas about how best to manage the practice and investment in my dental career. Dr. Sean had excellent insight and could frame the future direction of the practice I purchased. I highly, highly recommend his services when venturing into dental practice purchasing.”

~ Dr. Vafa Lightfoot, Buyer, Barrie, ON

“Sean got the practice sale and transition completed with ease. They have the client base to expedite the sales process and to allow a perfect fit. The professional, experienced services allowed for a stress-free sales and transition process.”

~ Dr. Edward Chong, Seller, Kitchener, ON

“From start to finish Sean carefully guided me through all the steps from appraisal to completion to successfully sell my practice. He listened to my wishes regarding the type of candidate I was hoping for as well as my transition and retirement goals, all with the utmost professionalism.”

~ Dr. Laura Hudgins, Seller, Peterborough, ON

“The best 6 words I can say are: ‘The. Best. Money. I. Ever. Spent.’ Such a smooth transition. 37 years in practice and this is the best company I ever dealt with. It was a nice way to finish! Thanks again for a super job.”

~ Dr. Gerard Magne, Seller, Brighton, ON

“Sean is honest, quick to respond to questions and a real gentleman. I give Sean my highest recommendation for personalized support in the sale of your dental practice.”

~ Dr. Benjamin Krasna, Seller, Bath, ON

“Dr. Sean and his team were transparent, easy to work with and reliable every step of the way. They did all the necessary due diligence. We worked alongside with them for a VERY seamless transition. The team was professional but kept us feeling comfortable. Acquiring a practice is no easy feat. Dr. Robertson made us feel like he cared just as much as if it were him buying the office. As a buyer, you are always on high alert but there was no need for that when working with Sean.”

~ Dr. Essam Ghobrial, Buyer, Kitchener, ON

“I have been a practice owner for over a decade. I was very burned out and did not like the direction that my life was heading. I felt like I did not own my practice by my practice owned me. Working with Sean was the one of the best decisions I have ever made. He was very thorough in how he analyzed my practice. He worked diligently to ensure I got what I wanted. Now that my practice is sold I’m enjoying ‘semi-retirement’ life. Every day I practice dentistry, I feel that I’m getting paid to do a hobby. I am more motivated than ever to practice dentistry. Knowing I can leave my professional issues at the office is liberating. Sean found the right buyers in addition to selling my office, which was paramount in my decision to sell. I could not be more pleased with the results.”

~ Dr. Michael Wu, Seller, Fort Frances, ON

“Dr. Sean Robertson was pivotal in making the purchase of my practice a success. He was always available to answer all question, no matter how trivial or insignificant. He accompanied the process from start to finish, facilitating communication between all involved. He was so invested in the success of the purchase, he even followed up after the transfer was completed. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, attentive, and honest. I am extremely pleased to have had such a positive experience as a buyer.”

~ Dr. Andrea Carvalho, Buyer, Mississauga, ON

“My business partner and I had the pleasure of dealing with Sean when we purchased our first practice together. We had been looking for the right practice for us for just over a year. During that time, we had the chance to see several listings through various brokerages. As you can imagine, there were numerous interested parties, but Sean took the time to answer any and all questions we had. We weren’t treated like a number. When our offer was accepted by the vendor, Sean was very proactive in introducing all parties involved and helping us build rapport. He was present and always available to answer questions during the closing phase of the transaction. We couldn’t have asked for an easier closing. Highly recommended.”

~ Dr. Rupinder Dhaliwal, Buyer, Brighton, ON

“Over the last two years I have worked with Sean. The support, knowledge and professionalism throughout the process helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend the company and specifically Dr. Sean Robertson to help those considering a practice transaction.”

~ Dr. Douglas Hanson, Seller, Sudbury, ON

“I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Robertson and his vast knowledge pertaining to the overall business of dentistry. He is an excellent educator who presents each topic with clarity, intent and passion. Never once was I made to feel less for asking basic questions regarding any subject presented. For anyone unclear on dental finance, look no further.”

~ Dr. Roberto Amato, Southwest, ON

“The knowledge I have received from Dr. Sean Robertson gave me the tools I need to understand the dental market and business of dentistry. It has been instrumental in helping me advance toward my future goals.”

~ Dr. Joey Yu, Scarborough, ON

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Dr. Robertson has single handedly appraised hundreds of millions of dollars in Canadian dental practice valuations and supported practice ownership transfer since 2018. Sean teaches Practice Management for the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University and the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. He writes regularly for Ontario Dentist, The Journal of the Ontario Dental Association and Oral Health, a national journal for the profession of dentistry in Canada. He represents dentists as an advocate in practice acquisitions and strategic planning consultation for practice growth.

Sean has studied with the Chartered Business Valuation program and established solid relationships with the major Canadian banks. Because of his reputation and grounded research-based approach to valuation, he is regularly called upon by the major Canadian banks, dental associations, and dental support organizations to consult on trends, predictions, and perspectives in the Ontario and Canadian dental practice marketplace. He has completed in person training in communication and the art of negotiation with The Black Swan Group and Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator and author of Never Split The Difference.  Sean has lectured at the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting and the Canadian Dental Association on the topics of practice valuations, acquisitions, sales, and practice management. He contributed to the development of the Career Options Initiative with the Canadian Dental Association and is the author of the book, From DEBTistry to dentistry: A buyer’s guide to successful transitions.