Practice Valuations

Establishing an accurate value for your practice requires translating the legacy you have built into a monetary value. It requires an in depth review of your practice performance, financial operations, opportunity analysis, and marketplace considerations.

Delivering accurate and dependable valuations

A valuation that fails to support buyer agreement and financing approval is as good as no appraisal at all. And we would argue that eliminating the bias that inevitably accompanies a brokerage-generated appraisal creates greater legitimacy on your behalf.

Your practice valuation is the first step in your strategy toward a successful ownership exit. As a dentist-owned company, delivering accurate and dependable valuations to colleagues is our highest priority.

At Practice Advocate, our comprehensive practice valuations operate on the platform of

Transparency, Legitimacy, and Accuracy.


Without buyer comprehension, how can you generate interest in your practice sale? Our valuations are written so that dentist buyers understand the report from cover to cover without interpretation from their accountant or needing a CPA designation. We use a cash flow appraoch that lends itself to literacy and lender alignment.


With every valuation, our goal is to provide a valuation that meets the bank’s approval to support financing on the purchase of your legacy. Our methodologies have been developed in consultation with healthcare lenders at the major Canadian banks and principles taught in chartered business valuation. Our company is not compensated with commissions for the sale of a practice.


A valuation should support a smooth journey through due diligence. Using six pillars of practice operations, our company will dig deep into the operations of your practice so that when a purchaser performs their due diligence, the results are consistent with our findings.

Types of Valuations Offered by Practice Advocate:

The Comprehensive Practice Valuation

The most common type of practice appraisal that places a monetary value for your practice goodwill, tangible assets including equipment, supplies, instruments and leaseholds.

The Estimate Valuation Report

A cash flow based valuation that estimates practice value based on current marketplace conditions. Often appropriate for corporate restructuring, shareholder changes in your dentistry professional corporation, matrimonial purposes, refinancing and portfolio/equity assessment.

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