If you are considering purchasing a practice, do you have

advocacy you deserve?

Do you have the experts you need in your ring to support and maximize your success? Are you working with a brokerage that encourages this advocacy?

Supporting Buyer Success

Nearly every industry corporate valuation, sale, and acquisition involves an independent valuator, selling representative and buyer representative.

In the Canadian dental brokerage marketplace, this practice is rare. The common approach is the seller’s representative brokerage writes the valuation and charges commission on the sale of the practice.

It is rare for a selling brokerage to co-operate with a buyer representative. And for decades this model has been dogmatically accepted without question.

At Practice Advocate

we question this model.

We believe buyers deserve representation. We believe that a sustainable industry and a successful transfer of ownership requires the sale and purchase of a goodwill-based business to operate on a win-win platform.

We’ll design your transition strategy and business plan.

Our Buyer Advocacy Program supports prospective purchasers through our vast experience of appraising hundreds of millions of dollars in practices. Our approach involves and independent analysis of operational metrics on your behalf and projected practice growth that is specific to your clinical skills and capability in the practice of interest.

The result is a

More well-informed purchaser

who feels clarity on all aspects of their acquisition, confident about their business plan and the capability to be an owner on the day of close.

Your Buyer Advocacy Report will support your

Due Diligence

Business Plan

Attainment of Financing

3-year Growth Plan

We can connect you with qualified industry experts and lenders to further support your journey in acquisition and ownership.

Practice Advocate is Here

In an existing market that lacks buyer representation, Practice Advocate is here to ensure that
obsolete approach does not impact your success and financial well-being.

Discuss your buyer valuation needs with  Dr. Sean Robertson.

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